Whiteboard instructions

One common complaint relates to whiteboards covered with permanent marks. If your whiteboard has an enamel surface, you’re in luck. In principle, these can always be properly cleaned. Furthermore, good maintenance also ensures that the whiteboard stays pristine.

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Cleaning a new whiteboard

1. Spray the entire board with a good cleaning spray
2. Wipe dry with a microfibre cloth or a clean dishcloth

Reinigen van een nieuw whiteboard

Regular maintenance of a whiteboard

1. Select your markers based on erasing quality. Different brands vary considerably.
2. Preferably use a microfibre cloth for erasing. A standard eraser works too.
3. Use whiteboard cleaning spray daily if the board is used intensively, and weekly for normal use. If you are unsure whether your whiteboard has an enamel surface, ONLY use a genuine whiteboard cleaning spray. Cleaning materials like Glassex can damage other surfaces.

Removing ink stains and stubborn marks

1. Spray the whole board with cleaning spray.
2. Wipe the board clean with a microfibre cloth. Press harder on areas with more stubborn ink stains. Ink that has been on a whiteboard for weeks is harder to remove.
3. If necessary, repeat in areas where the stain is still slightly visible. An enamel whiteboard can always be cleaned without very much effort.
4. Permanent marker can also be removed from a whiteboard in this way.