Manual for configurator in pCon

You can create anything from a whiteboard that needs to be just 2 cm smaller than the standard size to a whiteboard with a unique design as an eye-catcher in a room. Simply add the Chameleon data in pCon and click on ‘Custom whiteboard wall’ in the category whiteboard walls. This product allows you to build a whiteboard completely according to your wishes.

Below we explain how this configurator works in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Select the product ‘custom whiteboard wall’

A ‘default’ whiteboard will appear, with 3 panels and a size of 2,500 x 2,000 mm. You can adjust this standard model as you please.

Step 2: Need a whiteboard with a width of 8.01 metres? No problem!

Once you have installed the custom whiteboard wall, you can adjust the width and height. The maximum height is 2,980 mm, while the width can be adjusted up to 10,000 mm.

The total width is automatically divided over equal panels, taking into account the maximum panel width. The configurator indicates how many panels your desired surface area is made up of. The panels are frameless, so they are placed against each other with a minimal seam.

Step 3: Choose the (surface) material

Chameleon offers 7 different surfaces for different functionalities. All surfaces contain enamelled steel with a lifetime writing and erasing warranty.

  • White: this is the most common whiteboard surface for whiteboard markers.
  • Blue and grey: these are coloured whiteboard surfaces for whiteboard markers.
  • Grey and green chalkboard: suitable for chalk instead of whiteboard markers.
  • MICA projection and matt white: 2 surfaces that are suitable in combination with projectors.
    (The different surfaces have different maximum panel widths. This is why the seams appear staggered).

Go to this page for more information about the surfaces. Would you like to receive samples to help you choose the most suitable surface for your project? Request our sample folder here.