Corporate Social Responsibility

Modern entrepreneurship is about taking future generations into account. Smit Visual (producer of Chameleon) recognizes the important role that producers play in making our society more sustainable.

FSC® certified

100% offset our CO2 emissions

ISO14001:2015 certified

But we do more…

01. Reduce ecological footprint

Every year, we take numerous small and sometimes big measures to reduce our ecological footprint. We regard our certifications as the most concrete proof of this.

Our measures are also aimed at reducing our CO2 emissions. We offset any remaining emissions through the globally-recognised certificate of the Trees For All foundation.

Certificate Trees For All

02. Local partners

For our production, we calculate the total distance that materials need to travel. We therefore prefer to choose suppliers in the Netherlands or Europe. As such, 92% of our main suppliers currently come from Europe.

By using local partners, it’s easier to keep the chain transparent. We have intensive contact with our suppliers to ensure they maintain our ethical standards. For example, we discuss themes like waste processing, CO2 reduction and working conditions.

“92%of our suppliers come from Europe”

03. Responsible use of materials

We must stop plundering our planet’s resources. As an FSC®- certified manufacturer, we can prove that the timber materials we use originate from sustainable forestry. Moreover, the wood can be traced throughout the chain – from the forest to the final product. Please contact us for more information about specific FSC labelling of products.

04. Good employership

As an employer, we are proud to contribute to the Dutch (and European) manufacturing industry. Because the production process is based in Geldrop in the Netherlands, we obviously apply European legislation when it comes to working conditions. We respect the norms and values relating to employee protection, safety, working hours and discrimination.

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