What is ‘Double Coated’ enamel?

Whiteboards and big whiteboard surfaces are used in businesses and educational institutions, as well as in healthcare institutions or catering establishments, for example. Every day, they are written on in classrooms, as well as in meeting rooms, project rooms and conference halls. A whiteboard is a real multitasker. Such intensive use requires a durable product. Easy to read, easy to write on and above all easy to erase. Because the greatest irritation is a whiteboard that is hard to clean.

Chameleon whiteboards guarantee a lifetime of perfect writing and erasing. On this page, you can read more about the materials that determine the high quality of our whiteboards. You will then read about the various options available for the surface. Many pages in this site display products with a white writing surface. In principle, all the products can be made with different surfaces.

What determines the quality of a Chameleon whiteboard?

1. Double coated enamel surface
Chameleon whiteboard surface consists of several components which are forged together with a double enamel layer. This is done at a temperature of 800˚C. This creates a hard glass board surface with features that enable perfect whiteboard use. The enamel surface is completely fire-resistant according to certificate number NM-2744.

2. Solid core
In contrast to budget whiteboards, Chameleon whiteboards have a solid core*. This gives the board stability and makes the surface more impact-resistant. The core is made of FSC® certified MDF (Licence code C-137061). The MDF used meets the requirements of fire class rating Euroclass D according to the new European classifications.

Graffiti-resistant and


Ultra smooth surface and

greater visual comfort

Scratchproof, impact-resistant

and colourfast

100% CO2-compensated production

Magnetic for all types of magnets

Bacteria and viral

resistant surface

Lifetime warranty on perfect

writing and erasing

Surface options

On this website, most of the whiteboard products are shown in white enamel. All the products can also be made in one of the following options. Product numbers are not always made for this, but because we manufacture our own products, we can fulfil many requests.

White enamel: Most popular and best quality whiteboard surface on the market.

Grey enamel: the same quality as white enamel, surface slightly bobbled (also called ‘orange skin’)

Blue enamel: the same quality as white enamel, surface slightly bobbled (also called ‘orange skin’)