Divider Panels

An 18-mm dual-layer panel consisting of 2 layers measuring 9 mm each. Different colours may be chosen for the front and back layers. The cut-out in the chosen pattern fully penetrates both layers. This makes it possible to see through the Divider Panels when these are freely suspended in a room.

Choice of color for the front and back layer

Divider Panels come complete with a suspension set

10 cut-out patterns

Why Chameleon Divider Panels

Improving acoustics and dividing open spaces. These Divider Panels fulfill both functions in one. The Creative Panels from Chameleon are made up of 2 separate color layers, so that beautiful color combinations can be made. You can also combine the same colors with Creative Panels on the wall.

2 layers and 19 colours

Panels consist of 2 layers of 9 mm that are glued together. The PET felt used in Creative Divider Panels is a colour ingrained felt. We have selected 19 colours and 2 more are upcoming. For the Divider panels on this page you choose the color of the front layer and a color choice for the back layer.

Patterns and article numbers

Acoustics Creative Divider Panels specificaties

  • Material: 100% recyclable PET (60% recycled fibres)
  • Colour options: 19 colours
  • Material thickness: 18 mm, consisting of 2 layers measuring 9 mm each
  • Size: 108×220 cm
  • Packed individually
  • Acoustic value: NRC 0,5
  • Fire resistance: tested according to EN 13501: B-s1-d0



Divider Panels come complete with a suspension set with steel cables suitable for both suspended and fixed ceilings. This makes the panels adjustable up to 2 meters below the ceiling.