Request a sample folder or documentation folder

We love to share our knowledge to give you a good idea of what our products can add to your interior design project. That’s why we’ve put together a number of tools that give you a complete overview of what we have to offer: a sample folder for whiteboards, a sample box for acoustic panels and an extensive documentation folder.

Documentation folder

The Chameleon Writing documentation folder tells you everything you need to know to use our products independently or to include them in projects. The folder includes information on:

  • material specifications
  • product sustainability
  • maintenance
  • assembly
  • etc.

Whiteboard sample folder

The sleek writing surface which carries a lifetime warranty, the outstanding finish on the edges… to truly get a feel for the quality of the Chameleon whiteboard, you need to touch it for yourself. Simply hold a small panel from our sample folder and place it next to any whiteboard foil to experience the difference.

Sample box Acoustics Creative and Optimal

If you are interested in our acoustic products, we can send separate color samples or a sample box. We have sample boxes from Creatives (9mm PET felt) and Optimal (25mm PET felt).

Would you prefer to receive our documentation in digital format? Let us know!