Creative Panels – V Layer Panels

Acoustic panels in a fixed size with which large wall surfaces can be covered quickly and easily. V-Layer Panel is an 18-mm dual-layer panel consisting of 2 layers measuring 9 mm each. Different colours may be chosen for the front and back layers. The V cut in this panel is 12 mm deep as a result of which both the front and back layers are visible.

Choice of color for the front and back layer

Velcro mounting allows for reuse

Easy to cut to size yourself

Why Chameleon Creative Panels

Improve acoustics by covering walls with Creative panels. 10 patterns are available for the V-Layer Panel type. After unpacking, the Panels can be placed directly against the wall. As a result, a large wall surface is covered quickly. In addition, the panels are easy to cut to make final parts fit. The double PET felt layers contribute strongly to better acoustics.

2 layers and 19 colours

V-Layer Panels consist of 2 layers of 9 mm that are glued together. Because the V-groove goes through both layers, the back layer becomes visible. This creates a beautiful play of colors in the pattern. Scroll down to see the different patterns of this panel.

The PET felt used in Chameleon Acoustic Panels is a colour ingrained felt. We have selected 19 colours and 2 more are upcoming.
For the layer panels on this page you choose the color of the front layer and a color choice for the back layer.

Patterns and article numbers

Acoustics Creative Panels specificaties

  • Material: 100% recyclable PET (60% recycled fibres)
  • Colour options: 19 colours
  • Material thickness: 18 mm, consisting of 2 layers measuring 9 mm each
  • Panel size: 58×118 cm
  • Set of 4 panels per article number with a total surface of 2.7 m2
  • The edges have a small bevelled edge so that depth differences due to uneven walls are optically eliminated
  • Acoustic value: NRC 0.5
  • Fire resistance: tested according to EN 13501: B-s1-d0
  • Combination with Chameleon enamel whiteboards are possible (ask for possibilities)



The Creative Panels for walls come equipped with a Velcro mounting system. This has several advantages:
– Fast mounting without the need for adhesives
– The panels are reusable
– The materials can easily be separated (circular)

On request, Creative Panels can also be supplied without Velcro so that an adhesive may be used for mounting.

To completely cover a wall with custom-sized panels, a sharp knife can be used to easily cut the panels on site. Cut-outs can also easily be made for electrical sockets and radiators, for instance.